Run existing Windows Vista installation on your Linux with VMWare

Many Linux users run windows on vmware to run some specifics apps not running well with Wine or faster in vmware. (Adobe lightroom for example). You can find on google many way to run your existing windows XP install in linux through VMWare. That’s not very difficult. To resume you need to:

1. Installing VMware
2. Configure VMWare
– Need to launch VMWare with a root account.

sudo vmware

You will now be prompted with the VMware Server Console. Make sure that “Local host” is selected and choose “Connect”. For easy setup, use the Virtual Machine Wizard by clicking on “Create a new virtual machine” and going through the following steps:
1. Next
2. Custom, Next
3. Microsoft Windows (Choose Version)
4. Choose a name and location, the default values are fine,
5. For Processor Configuration I chose One Processor so that one core would be dedicated to each OS during virtualization,
6. Access Rights I did not make my machine private.
7. Specify the amount of memory you want to allocate to the Guest OS. I dedicated half my memory, 512MB. However, when running simulations or using apps like SolidWorks it feels very slow so I plan to pickup 2GB after work tomorrow. Next
8. For your Network Connection I recommend you use NAT (network address translation). This will be the easiest configuration since you will be sharing the same connection among both OSes. Bridged will allow each OS to use a separate connection but requires further configuration that I will not get into here. Next
9. Choose BusLogic as your SCSI adapter. Next
10. Choose “Use a physical disk”, Next
11. Your “Device” should be the main disk that contains both your Linux partition and your Windows partition. Select “Use individual partitions”. Next
12. Here select both your linux and windows partition (swap isn’t needed). Your linux partition is needed since only the first stage of GRUB resides on the MBR and GRUB will try to access your linux partition to load stage 2. Next
13. Choose a Disk Filename, the default is fine. Finish

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